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Polarity is
AI Made Easy

for Small Business

Get the training, tools, and support your small business needs for success with AI.

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Our Jumpstart series is a part of the free trial and full of useful information to get you using AI now, in meaningful ways to help your bottom line. You'll also get our specific AI recommendations, for your business, right away.

Get Solutions Customized for Your Small Business

How We Help

Taking your business to the next level

Learn. Build. Grow.

Achieve your business goals with AI. We offer online short courses and seminars for skill development, a resource library so you can easily find the right tool for the job, support via a help desk & forum, and accessible e-books and audio books. Additionally, a dedicated podcast offers insights into AI trends, while personalized 1:1 consulting ensures tailored strategies for effective AI integration, providing a holistic approach to understanding and leveraging AI for business success.


​Small Investment,
Big Impact

Service businesses and restaurants can get beyond inventory management struggles, customer engagement challenges, and other business bottlenecks with our self-help online learning courses and resource library. By leveraging these tools your can learn quickly and implement AI-driven solutions that optimized inventory levels, enhanced customer service, and drive increased sales, transforming your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Community Rise:
A Support Hub

Find community and support through our community forum with an integrated "Help Desk." Engage with both fellow small business owners and Polarity's AI experts, where, together, we collaboratively tackle challenges, streamline operations, and support each other as we innovate, all while fostering a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Bespoke Blueprint: Personalized Solutions 

Get expert guidance on demand or custom-designed and developed AI-driven solutions that not only streamline your processes but also significantly improve your overall business efficiency, overcoming business initial hurdles with less investment than ever!

Abstract Background

Our jumpstart series will get you winning with AI, quickly. Or, jump into the deep end and find a course for your specific business need. We have the right solutions for small businesses that are right-sized; browse all of our products and services to find the right tool, now.

Resources You Need

Jumpstart Series

Get this short, introductory series in your inbox. It's the perfect way to start or level up the basics. You'll get useful, step-by-step instructions to start working with AI for your business, today. Start small and build skills.

Get vertical-specific advice for powering up with AI. PDF and Audiobook versions available.

AI E-Books for SMBs
Premium Resources

Access our on-demand library of premium learning, templates, podcasts, and more.

Custom Solutions

Need a bit more? Get 1:1 consulting, AI app development, or a custom solution for your small business. Get in touch now and we'll develop a plan together.

About Us

​Polarity provides AI-Driven Growth Acceleration For Small Businesses

Launched in 2023, and aimed at supporting SMBs, Polarity empowers people and their small- and medium-sized businesses by our commitment to making cutting-edge AI technologies understandable, scalable, and accessible.

Jim Donio, CEO of Polarity

"Our commitment is to deliver tailored solutions that address the unique situation of each client, giving you 'right fit' tools to accelerate your success."

Jim Donio, Partner

​"We take immense pride in empowering small businesses with a spectrum of solutions, from convenient self-service options to fully customized, bespoke systems."

Jeremy Ryan, Partner


"As a small business owner, Polarity's on-demand learning resources have been a game-changer for me. Their AI-driven platform offers quick and practical solutions that have helped me stay ahead in a fast-paced business environment."


Artisan Coffee Shop Owner

"Polarity's community of small business owners has been a tremendous asset. Connecting with peers through their platform has given me invaluable insights, support, and creative ideas, making the entrepreneurial journey with AI smoother and more rewarding."


President, family-owned restaurant chain

"Polarity's E-book on AI for Small Business Owners served as a fantastic starting point. Their webinars then took me on a journey to implement AI solutions that have revolutionized my business operations, resulting in significant time and cost savings. I can't recommend their resources enough!"


Business Manager, Yoga studio

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Unlock your small business's potential with our AI-empowering services – click, select, sign up, and soar!

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