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You haven't lived until Snoop is reading you your legal docs

For most of us — especially small business owners — multitasking has become how we get through our days. And, digesting information on the go is more crucial than ever. Enter text-to-speech AI. It's a game-changer in my life.

Imagine having the power to convert any text, from emails to epic novels, legal documents to the latest blog posts, into audio form. Now, visualize this content being narrated in a variety of voices, tailored to suit your preference. Various AI tools are offering just that: a diverse selection of voice types, ensuring your listening experience is always fresh and engaging. I've even found that, with the right voice, even legal documents can be (almost) enjoyable.

  • What if you could have your morning emails read out by Gwenith Paltrow?

  • Or perhaps dive into the complex world of corporate by-laws with a narration in the unmistakable voice of Snoop Dogg, turning the mundane into something surprisingly less so?

There are a few tools that do this. I've been using Speechify's AI (this is not a paid endorsement, I'm just sharing what works for me), but you can find several great tools that do this. This isn't just about convenience, though, that would be enough. I've found that I can get through these types of docs faster by speeding up playback for the less legal and brain-taxing docs.

No, this won't make legal docs any easier to understand — try plugging them into ChatGPT and ask it to summarize or make the language more friendly to non-lawyers — but it will make it so you can get through it!

By the way, you can find links to tools like Speechify and a host of other AI resources at our website:

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